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Vision Impact Institute and Optometry Giving Sight Extend Collaboration on Kids See: Success

Three-year-old initiative advocates for eye exams for children before they start school

Dallas, Texas – February 20, 2020 – The Vision Impact Institute (VII) and Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) have announced an extension of their collaboration, Kids See: Success, that includes a generous financial commitment from OGS. Launched in 2017, Kids See: Success promotes the importance of healthy vision for children and educates parents, legislators, advocacy groups, nurses, school teachers and administrators about the need for comprehensive eye exams for school-age children. The initiative is active in several US states. In the U.S., more than 12.1 million school-age children have some form of vision problem.

The partnership is a natural fit for both organizations. The VII raises awareness and advocates for the priority of good vision, while OGS supports programs globally that train eye care professionals, promote community education, raise awareness of the importance of eye health, establish optometry schools and deliver eye care and glasses.

“The continued support of OGS ensures that more children will have access to a level playing field when it comes to their education,” says Kristan Gross, VII’s global executive director. “When children can’t see well it impacts so many aspects of their lives, including their learning and chance for future success.”

“It’s heartening to know that we have a solution for poor vision for the youngest members of our population,” says Eric Anderson, interim executive director at OGS. “A comprehensive eye exam and access to a pair of glasses is a simple way to have a big impact on a child’s life for years to come. It’s the reason we continue our commitment to Kids See: Success.”