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Making the Case for Good Vision Globally - 2021 Midyear Update

At the VII, we recently reviewed our existing toolbox and revisited our efforts to make the case for good vision. As we looked beyond what we currently know, we identified the need for a specialized set of tools to equip and empower our partners of today and tomorrow.

In this blog, we share ways the VII is elevating the priority of good vision, often in partnership with many of you. From shining a spotlight on regional and country-level activities to enhancing access to more than 650 reports and studies focused on the impact of poor vision and the benefits of correction and protection, we have expanded our platform to create a seamless engagement experience. Over the coming months, we will launch even more specialized tools to empower your advocacy and awareness efforts around the world.

Going beyond what we know to impact the issue of poor vision will undoubtedly also require us to reach beyond who we know in order to create change. Empowered with the right tools, our collective action is key!

Kristan Gross Global Executive Director


Making the Case for Good Vision

Our updated platform tells a well-rounded story of the role that good vision plays in creating a more equitable world and highlights the evidence and solutions that are key to accomplishing our mission.

On a practical note, you will still find all of the content you’re familiar with, and we have refreshed the online experience with updated search features, easy navigation to key information, and more content to help inform your global awareness and advocacy work.


The Foundation of It All

Our curated database of 650+ studies and reports focuses on the impact of uncorrected vision and brings you the evidence to make the case for good vision in your sphere of influence.

Some of the newest research reports include:


Partnerships for Impact

At the VII, we believe good vision is a basic human right – one that goes far beyond a person’s ability to see clearly. Advocacy brings voices together to elevate the priority of good vision to ultimately unlock the potential of everyone.

We’ve added a new section to highlight the issue areas around which many of us advocate, including:

We also highlight our global approach and where we are working in partnership with local communities, governments and vision experts in places like Kenya, Kosovo, France, India and the US.


Passing the Megaphone to Spur Action

Our collection of blogs, interviews and podcasts highlight thoughts and ideas from experts in vision, public health and beyond. We focus on topics that are relevant for today’s advocates such as the impact of school disruptions on vision, tackling the myopia epidemic, and much more.

Learn more here:

We continue to harness the collective experience of our global team. Discover their perspectives here:


Elevating Vision Voices Around the World

We greatly value the thoughts of others working toward the same goal and share their unique perspectives here. In case you missed it:.