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Audio Interview: Talking Myopia with Dr. Serge Resnikoff

In our work, we’re privileged to have the opportunity to speak to some amazing people at the forefront of vision awareness, research, and advocacy. Going forward, we’re excited to be able to bring those conversations directly to you.

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a discussion with newly-appointed VII Advisory Board member Dr. Serge Resnikoff who participated in a panel discussion at the 17th Annual International Myopia Conference in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Resnikoff moderated a panel called The Possibilities and Probabilities of Myopia, a conversation that highlighted the state of myopia and the actions needed to tackle the epidemic going forward.

Option One: You can hear the full conversation on SoundCloud.

Option Two: You can hear the full conversation on YouTube.

We captured a few of Dr. Resnikoff’s key takeaways below:

  1. While the problem of myopia is everywhere, to some degree, it’s not recognized as a problem in all places.

  2. In countries and regions where the prevalence of myopia is on the rise, we as advocates don’t need to wait for it to become a full-fledged problem. We can take action now to find solutions.

  3. There’s enough evidence to start working everywhere. We can use the example of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cardiovascular disease and diabetes as examples of problems where prevention is promoted.

  4. Researchers are an important part of the solution because they’re producing evidence in a way that is understandable. It’s important that this science does not remain in scientific papers, but gets turned into action. We must work to take myopia out of the silo of science.

  5. The topic, The Possibilities and Probabilities of Myopia, reflects where we are in our current thinking on myopia. There’s a lot that can be done now, but there is still a long way to go in terms of research and policy change.

  6. As advocates, one of the best ways we can be part of the solution is to help disseminate information on the topic of myopia. There is already a convergence of discussion and awareness which is pivotal to the global conversation.

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