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Furthering Advocacy and Awareness

I love summertime! And I can’t believe it’s already June. Children around the world are finishing school, and sunny vacations are being planned to the minutest detail. At the Vision Impact Institute, we have just wrapped up our first Advisory Board meeting for 2015, and we were honored that each of our esteemed board members was present for the two days in Dallas. If you haven’t already checked out the About section, take a minute to get familiar with our board. Once you see who is supporting the Vision Impact Institute, you’ll understand why we’re excited. We commenced with a renewed passion for Giving Vision a Voice and look forward to furthering advocacy and awareness in the next half of the year and beyond.

As part of the two-day meeting, we also collaborated with our partners from the African Vision Research Institute (AVRI), reviewing our strategies and upcoming research studies and taking a look at the gaps that exist in global research on URE. On our own site, we identified a clear need to add a new category of evidence focused on Adults and Presbyopia. If you take a look at the research section of the site today, you’ll find we’ve added not only global studies on presbyopia, but also studies from Tanzania, the Philippines, India and even from Timor-Leste. This growing body of evidence is critical, and we are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date, compelling studies to aide you in your advocacy efforts.

You might be wondering what the Vision Impact Institute can do for you and how we can support your efforts. We ardently believe that the key to impacting change for vision health is utilizing research to strengthen and support advocacy objectives.

The studies provided on our website and the accompanying infographics make for great conversation pieces at conferences worldwide. As a speaker, you are encouraged to integrate these infographics into your presentations, citing the works listed on the site. Since the evidence we provide is categorized by risk group, geography and study type, finding multiple sources and multiple statistics is easy and efficient.

Then let us hear from you! We want to share in your successes and celebrate when the information we provide helps you in your efforts to build awareness for the benefits of healthy vision, to fight for policy changes in your state or country that create better lives for people around the world, or to help you easily communicate global and local statistics within your sphere of influence. Remember, every statistic, every research study represents real people – real lives affected by poor vision. We know you are fighting the good fight for the masses. And the Vision Impact Institute is ready to take up the challenge alongside you!

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