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June 2019 Newsletter: Looking Back & Moving Forward For Good Vision

“As I reflect on the past six months of 2019, I’m deeply inspired by the movement that is building to create a world where everyone can see well. Whether it’s legislators advancing the cause of children’s vision or the researcher investigating a vision trend to reveal groundbreaking insights, one thing is clear: change is underway.

The work you’ll read about in our newsletter is the result of relationships, partnerships and collaborations with legislators, researchers, vision experts, and those who want to share their vision stories.

It’s these collective and connected efforts that will empower our work together through the remainder of 2019.” Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director, the Vision Impact Institute

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New Advisory Board Members

Two extraordinary visionaries will join the Vision Impact Institute Advisory Board in July.

  1. Serge Resnikoff, MD., PhD | former head of the Program for the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness at the WHO

  2. Allyala K. Nadakumar | Director of the Institute for Global Health and Development at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

As Professor Kovin Naidoo, Senior Vice President of 2.5 NVG Inclusive Business, Philanthropy and Social Impact, Essilor, ends his term, we’re immensely grateful for his service and commitment to advancing our work.

Kids See: Success – Advocacy in New Jersey

New Jersey legislators recently passed Senate Bill 2804, ensuring that children ages six and younger who are entering a public preschool, public school, or Head Start Program for the first time receive a comprehensive eye examination. Read more…

New Research Encourages   Prioritizing Myopia Management

In the journal Ophthalmology, a recent study supported by the Vision Impact Institute indicates that vision impairment and blindness caused by uncorrected myopia cost the global economy an estimated $244 billion (USD) in lost productivity in 2015 – more than the cost of correction. Read more…

New Studies Added

We now have more than 400 vision studies in our database:

  1. Several new studies offer the latest guidelines for addressing myopia

  2. A new study supported by the Vision Impact Institute explores the link between economic productivity loss and vision impairment.

  3. Studies about the impact of poor vision on children in places like Paraguay, Egypt, Nigeria, and Ghana highlight the issue in these countries.

A Redesigned Home Page

Recreated with you in mind, our latest home page design makes it faster and easier to find what you want. Access our research database, view our videos, download infographics, and share our social content directly from the home page. We’ve also launched pages for our Kids See: Success initiative and our work in gender equity.

Broadening the Vision Conversation

Through our connections with organizations like EYElliance, Essilor, The Cooper Institute and global news outlets, we’re expanding the vision conversation around topics such as gender equity, road safety, vision access, and children’s health.