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Road Safety and Good Vision Align in Colombia

The topic of vision and road safety took center stage earlier this month in Bogotá, Colombia, at an awareness raising event organized by Dr. Fanny Rivera Pinzon, local optometrist and founder of FITVision Optometria Deportiva,  a Colombian company specializing in providing visual solutions and eye training to amateur athletes and drivers. The Vision Impact Institute was a proud supporter of this initiative.

Professionals from the optics and optometry industry and representatives from other product sectors joined Dr. Rivera Pinzon to launch her campaign, #Miralavida, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of good vision on the roads in Bogotá, especially important because 80 percent of the information we receive when driving is through the eyes.

Left to right: Dra. Fanny Rivera Pinzon, FITVision Optometria Deportiva; Viviana Salcedo, CooperVision; Judith Williams, Vision Impact Institute; and Gina Vivas, Essilor Colombia.

According to the World Health Organization, pedestrians and motorcycle riders bear the highest incidence of injury and fatality in Colombia, with vulnerable road users accounting for over 75 percent of all road traffic deaths every year.

Likewise, a 2016 study from the Pan American Health Organization on Road Safety in the Americas, positions Colombia above the regional road traffic death rate of 15.9 percent per 100,000 inhabitants.  To tackle this problem, the country has implemented a series of best practice road safety measures, including national speed limits and laws on using mobile phones while driving. And vision is now entering the conversation.

“The event marked an important milestone for the Vision Impact Institute,” says Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director of the Vision Impact Institute. “This is the first time we’ve been able to collaborate with partners in Colombia to highlight this vital topic since we began the expansion of awareness and advocacy efforts in the Americas.”

Program Manager, Americas, Judith Williams  echoes these sentiments. “We so appreciate FITVision, Fedemoto, Fedeautos, GeroFoundation, Ridepro and Moto Touring Colombia for their support and the opinion leaders, industry leaders, NGOs, and others who, by their attendance, gave their commitment to Give Vision a Voice. This is a true testament to the will and passion of a group of people dedicated to making a difference to create a ripple effect in their community.”

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