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Statement: Good Vision Key to Saving Lives on the Road

Vision Impact Institute urges advocates to prioritize good vision to create safer roads to mark National Road Safety Week.

“We know that while driving, 90 percent of the information a driver takes in comes from visual inputs about the road itself, other vehicles, pedestrians, signs, and the passing scenery,” says Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director at the Vision Impact Institute. “Good vision is not only a safety issue for drivers but impacts all on the road, including our children.”

According to preliminary results from a study conducted in 2017, in Delhi by the Central Road Research Institute, at least three in every 10 drivers were found to have impaired distance vision, while half of the drivers surveyed had poor near vision. The Delhi study included testing of 627 private car, taxi, truck and bus drivers. The complete study will be final in fall 2018, and will include assessments of 625 random subjects in each of three other metropolitan cities: Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.

“Behind these numbers are people affected by poor vision and its consequences on the road,” says Gross.

“We applaud the work already underway as we work closely with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to create awareness and educate commercial drivers across the country on the importance of getting their eyes examined. Eye exams are a commitment to preventing road traffic injuries and deaths across the country.  We remain committed to doing our part.”