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Statement: VII Commends Association of Optometrists on Road Safety Campaign

The Association of Optometrists (AOP), a leading UK membership organization for professionals in the optical sector, recently launched their Don’t Swerve a Sight Test campaign, designed to show the link between good vision and road safety.

At the Vision Impact Institute we commend The AOP on their desire to call for a higher standard for vision in drivers and promote the need for every driver to have regular eye exams.

According to The AOP more than one in three optometrists have seen a patient, in the past month, who had vision below the legal standard, yet continued to drive against advice.

Furthermore, a study from the Netherlands indicates that impaired visual functions, including limited visual acuity, reduced field of vision, color blindness, reduced contrast sensitivity (depth perception), increased glare sensitivity and night-blindness, significantly influence driving behavior.

As more and more people develop vision problems, driving poses an increasing risk to not only those drivers, but also to everyone else on the road. We applaud The AOP for taking action.