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Vision Impact Institute Sets Sights on Future

Vision Impact Institute April 2015 Blog

At the end of 2014, the Vision Impact Institute announced its renewed mission to promote awareness about the quality of life benefits of healthy vision, in addition to our commitment to increased knowledge and research about the socio-economic impact of Uncorrected Refractive Error. To better serve our advocacy partners and our community of vision health professionals, we have been working diligently the past few months on a revamp of the Vision Impact Institute website.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the first phase of this project is now live.

First and foremost, our objective with the website is to become a trusted resource for influencers, professionals, lobbyists and NGOs with a shared interest in the advocacy of healthy vision to easily connect with the data and research necessary to advocate and lobby for change within our industry.

Find research studies to help support your cause. Our updated research section has a new filtered search that allows visitors to easily navigate research studies and stats related to specific causes and regions. We have also added highlights to summarize the existing research studies in our database and, in collaboration with the African Vision Research Institute (AVRI), will continue to upload many additional studies in the coming months.

Expect to hear a lot more from us. We will be re-launching our quarterly newsletter, which will include updates on new research studies uploaded to the site and the latest downloadable stats to share with your colleagues and communities. I will also continue to connect with you monthly through the site’s blog where I will share insights on how we can all help give vision a voice. I also hope to welcome vision health professionals with interests in research, medicine and policy to guest blog for us as well.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our updated ‘Join Us’ section invites you to share your thoughts with us. We are eager to hear your ideas on how we can collaborate in research related to healthy vision and the socio-economic impact of URE, in addition to programs and initiatives related to the promotion of healthy vision. Additionally, the events section will continue to be updated with the latest conferences and events around the world where you can connect with peers and colleagues. And, as always, you can continue to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Finally, we’re thrilled to be launching an innovation news feed where we will curate and track the latest developments in vision health. Here, you’ll find information about the latest trends, digital innovations, and future insights in the eye care and health fields.

We hope this new website will be easier to navigate, make key information more accessible, and allow for fruitful communication between change makers in the industry. Please take the time to click through our new features, familiarize yourself with the site and reach out to us about any questions or comments you may have.

We would also like to take the moment to thank you for your continued support of Vision Impact Institute, and for joining us in this new chapter of healthy vision and eye care advocacy.

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