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What We’re Reading

This month these articles caught our eye. From a city that’s making commuting easier for people with impaired vision to a teacher whose inner vision guides hundreds of students, these stories are our current inspiration.

The first article is from Suhada Afrin of Protham Alo in Bangladesh, who tells us how simple tiles are helping those with impaired vision navigate parts of the city of Dhaka. Red tiles with block patterns indicate a walkway and yellow ones with four vertical raised lines are warnings of a change in surface. While the system still has growing pains, we believe that this visual reminder of the fact that some citizens suffer with impaired vision creates both awareness of the problem, while also being a solution.

In the second article, Sumaiya Yousufi of The Times of India introduces us to Manoj Parmar, a 37-year-old teacher, who works in a school in the village of Betul. Despite his vision impairment he is able to hold the attention of hundreds of students a day who listen attentively to his lessons. Parmar uses his other senses to make up for his impaired vision. He credits his students with his ability to be a good educator because they never make him feel like he can’t see. Parmar says he knew his teaching style would be different, but uses what he calls “his inner vision” and an inventive teaching style to make sure the students understand his concepts.

Both of these articles show what can happen when innovation, resources, and an inner vision combine to turn vision disability into the ability to see a promising future.