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World Sight Day: A Reminder That Good Vision is a Global Priority

For almost 20 years on the second Thursday of October, we have celebrated World Sight Day, the most important awareness and advocacy event on the global eye health calendar. This year, the world focuses on putting “Vision First!“.

This day provides a launching pad from which many organizations deliver key messages to decision-makers who have the authority to change the way the world sees. As we seek to tell our story, we should remember that our messages must be grounded first in evidence.

American astronaut and aerospace engineer Neil Armstrong once said, “Research is creating new knowledge.” And, in a recent interview with Dr. Serge Resnikoff, he reiterated the fact that “science cannot remain in scientific papers. It’s important that it gets turned into action.”

At the Vision Impact Institute, we curate global research on vision’s impact on the world around us, but our goal is not simply to create a static library of resources. We utilize this evidence daily to tell a greater story and help others do the same. We are convinced that we, as an organization and as an industry, can better advocate for the priority of good vision when we are empowered by the global and regional “new knowledge” that is necessary to open a dialogue with those who will be the change-makers.

World Sight Day is a simple yet powerful reminder that it is our responsibility to ensure that vision is a priority for everyone, everywhere, every day.

Learn more about IAPB and how you can give vision a voice this World Sight Day: